6 tips for rent


Welcoming travelers at home is a great experience and an attractive source of additional income. So give yourself every chance to rent well !

Sleepoon gives you 6 tips to succeed :


1. Think carefully about your guests

Depending on the nature of the accommodation, which guests will I target? This is a first step.

Write about your accommodation depending on the targeted travelers.

E.g : families, business travelers, young travelers, couples, foreigners, …


2. Make it attractive !

An essential element of a good listing is to post beautiful pictures !

Don't hesitate to ask for help : call your family or friends or even a professional. With beautiful pictures your reservations will soar !

6 à 10 pictures is a minimum, the traveler needs to discover your home !


3. Respond promptly to requests

It is essential to provide a rapid answer to booking requests.

Aim to respond in less than 3 hours, otherwise you may loose the booking.


4. Develop a pricing policy

Rather than a single price, we recommend a fee schedule. Sleepoon allows you to manage your day to day prices and propose options surcharge.

Don't hesitate to fix weekend rates, peak periods, high season, special annual event, and also special offers for longer stays (for example).


5. Attractive accommodation

Most comments focus on the quality and cleanliness of your accommodation.

Provide confortable bedding and a spic and span bathroom. Your guests will be satisfied and thankful.


6. Welcome your hosts

Your welcome will be the first impression of your guests on arrival, so be friendly.

Do not hesitate to offer a little gift ! (a drink for example)

This personal touch will be appreciated and remembered when posting comments.


If you want more help, contact us : contact@sleepoon.com