Game rules


Dos and don'ts for the host


What property can I rent out?

Any property that can accommodate at least one one person can be for rent.
In order to rent out your property, you must be the owner or tenant. In this case, make sure your lease allows you to sublet the property. Similarly, if you are the owner, please check you're allowed to rent out your property under  the condominium rules.


What types of properties can I rent?

Any types of decent accommodation : mobile home, caravan, yurt, couch, flat, home, attic, ... where travelers can relax confortably.
Shared experiences, solidarity and collaboration will be at the heart of your travels. 

What is the best way to present your property on our site?

Carefully taken photos, highlighting the positive aspects of the property will give the travelers a good idea of the confort and amenities they can expect on arrival.
Post the photos of the rented property. These photos must show the real state of the accommodation.
If you rearrange your property, we invite you to take new pictures to avoid misconceptions of travelers.

For your privacy, please check that your photos do not include any details which may reveal any aspects of your private life (eg: valuables).

If you use the services of a professional photographer, please mention his name on the photos (copyright).
If people appear on your photos, please request their permission or blur them.

The description of the property should be as accurate as possible. As host, you're solely responsible for your description and information to the site and its users.
If you're aware of any inconvenience that's likely to influence the traveler's choice or be a nuisance, you must mention it in your description.
The traveler must be informed of any pets you own. He may suffer from allergy or phobia.


Precautionary measures

You must take out an insurance policy for your accommodation you're renting or subletting. Please read the fine print of your insurance policy carefuly.
To avoid any conflict at a later stage, please draw up an inventory of fixtures counter signed and validated by both parties.


Decent accommodation

Your accommodation should be decent. This indicates that it should not endanger the health and safety of travelers.


Dos and don'ts for the traveler


Respect and good manners

Please comply with the rules of your host, follow his instructions and indications.
Feel at home, take care of the accommodation , keep it clean.
Please take out the trash, air the rooms, change the bedclothes and restock the fridge.
You must return the property in the same condition as you found it at your arrival.
If you have previously informed your host, you may invite a friend or keep a pet.

Smoking indoors is prohibited, unless you have prior authorization from your host to do so.
Please take care of the accommodation and furniture.If case of any damage to property, the host may ask you to compensate financially for the costs incurred.
Sleepoon, as a third party, will not take part in court proceedings.
Sleepoon reserves the right to blacklist the traveler following negative comments from (several) hosts.


Rate your host

Following your stay, you have the opportunity to evaluate your host, and to write comments.
You can also evaluate if the accomodation met your explanations, and was conformed to description and photos on our site.
Finally, you can notify us if the host omited to mention important elements (noisy environment, ...).


Payment rules

The accomodation is to be paid for the time of booking. Sleepoon charges a commission of 15%.
The payment is entirely secure.
The host will be paid between 48 and 72 hours after the start of the first day of the stay, subject to the legal and contractual obligations.

The cancellation policy is to be selected by the host when he posts the listing.


Cancellation > 7 days

Cancellation < 7 days

Amount repaid*



Flexible cancellation



Strict cancellation



*excluding service fees.


Ethics, non-discrimination and secularism

As a user of Sleepoon, you must respect the rules of ethics and diversity wich are at the heart of the travel experience.
You are expected to accept travelers of a different religion, nationality, life style, sexual preferences, transgender, political ideals or militent commitment from your own, as long as these practices do not affect the integrity of your home or your safety.
If these rules of non-discrimination are not followed, Sleepoon reserves the right to exclude you from the site.

The rules indicated by Sleepoon are for information only, and you are solely responsible for compliance with laws and regulations and third party rights.